LUCIDOR live at Nyköping Rock Festival

Lucidor upcoming concerts

We are proud to announce that we by this day have five booked concerts this summer and fall. Please check them out by clicking on “concerts” above.

Beer Hell 500.000 streams on Spotify

Beer Hell just passed 500.000 streams on Spotify. LUCIDOR wants to thank all rockers out there that made us come this far!

Meet Demonizer. The bass player of LUCIDOR

LUCIDOR live in Kungsängen March 31, 2018

Come and enjoy heavy riff-rock in Kungsängen March 31. Lucidor on stage 2200. 100 SEK at door after 2100. Welcome to Beer Hell!

6 live concerts planned…

It is a pleasure to announce that Lucidor will play six concerts the coming half year. Starting in Kungsängen the 10 of Nov and then Vallentuna (Dec 15), Uppsala (Jan 26), Trosa (Mar 29), Gnesta (Mar 30) and finishing with a second gig in Uppsala (Apr 20). More information at “concerts”.


Lucidor supporting Smash Into Pieces 2 dec Gävle

Lucidor supports swedish electro-metal band Smash Into Pieces in Gävle, Sweden, at dec 2.


Beer Hell – official release 3 February

The 3:rd February you can enjoy some hard riffs and a great solo by Dennis Stratton, in Lucidor’s new single BEER HELL

Iron Maiden’s former guitarist records with Lucidor

6 January 2017

Dennis Stratton, one of the guitarists in Iron Maiden’s first year, will play on Lucidor next single BEER HELL, released in February 2017.

After several hours (and pints) on the afternoon of 5 January, an agreement was signed at the pub the Old English Gentleman in Saffron Walden, Essex.

Otto von Lucidor, […]

LUCIDOR playing at Eksjö Stadsfest 26th August