Iron Maiden’s former guitarist records with Lucidor

6 January 2017

Dennis Stratton, one of the guitarists in Iron Maiden’s first year, will play on Lucidor next single BEER HELL, released in February 2017.

After several hours (and pints) on the afternoon of 5 January, an agreement was signed at the pub the Old English Gentleman in Saffron Walden, Essex.

Otto von Lucidor, singer and bandleader of Lucidor comments:

“Dennis is a very proffessional musician and also a down to earth guy without an exploding ego. He’s very disciplined and his skills in guitar solos fits perfect in Lucidors straight forward riff-driven rock’n’roll.”

Dennis Stratton played Iron Maiden on their self-titled album in 1980. Since then he has been active in a number of constellations, of which the most famous is the Praying Mantis and Lionheart.

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