L U C I D O R´s Studio Production 2015 #1 completed


Otto von Lucidor made ​​one last visit to Nordic Sound Lab for completing the 2015 first production with the last song tracks. It now remains for the co-producer and sound engineer Bengan Andersson to mix the material before Errkan Johansson takes over for the mastering. The first release will be the single NEVER DO IT AGAIN that goes to the presses shortly.

Nordic Sound Lab is located in Skara, whose surroundings offer a distinguished history with many older buildings and several major monuments.

fire 2

Above: Otto von Lucidor took the opportunity to expose himself to the ancient forces….

Lucidor studio bw

Above: The last song track is recorded

OVl Skara Kyrka

Above: Otto von Lucidor warming up outside Skara Cathedral, that dates back to the 1000’s
(the current high Gothic style stems originally from the 1300s)

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